Investment Approach

Edgelight is a sector-focused asset management firm targeting telecom investments and platforms across the digital infrastructure ecosystem.  Edgelight’s specialization and theme-based approach offers companies with unparalleled expertise and competitive advantage.  We deploy capital into majority and minority growth equity investments as well as buyouts.  Additionally, we intend to pursue add-on acquisitions for our platform investments.

Through our differentiated sourcing channels we are able to identify proprietary investment opportunities across the digital infrastructure sector.  Our experienced team of investment professionals and operators apply their extensive expertise in a rigorous assessment to qualify these opportunities. 

Edgelight executes an active ownership model by taking a hands-on approach to support management teams, focusing on building stronger companies and delivering exceptional investment returns by catalyzing outsized growth.


Broadband connects physical and virtual technology across key digital infrastructure verticals. Our focus is on building a portfolio of digital infrastructure companies and assets that deliver converged connectivity solutions specifically through fiber and wireless


Connectivity is a provider of modern fiber-to-the-premises and wireless infrastructure services nationally. We target investments into internet service providers (“ISPs”) and smart technologies which are enabled by fiber and wireless infrastructure

Technology Services

Technology Services provide IT solutions, support and services to manage digital infrastructure networks. We target investments into managed service providers

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services provide planning, design, engineering, permitting and construction services for the deployment of fiber and wireless network infrastructure

Finance & Services

Finance & Services provide credit financing products and solutions with a specific focus on the digital infrastructure sector  

Selected Investments




Infrastructure Services

Financial & Services

CAPPS is a vertically integrated construction and equipment company focused on deploying digital infrastructure networks for Telecom owners and operators


Ark Insurance is a fully-regulated captive insurance company established to provide innovative credit financing products and solutions to digital infrastructure companies.

Chariots is a full-service investment platform enabling internet service providers the ability to scale through operational and strategic leadership and preferred access to broadband networks nationally