Our ESG Focus

We are strongly committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and monitoring as a firm and in our investment practices. We believe, as an organization, it is important to be transparent about our commitment to sustainability within our operations and through continued evaluation and improvement of company best practices.

Our focus is on being the digital partner of choice for leading companies and investors who are also seeking to create responsible and sustained value.


We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and continuing to build best risk management practices. When creating our digital infrastructure portfolio, this commitment remains in focus and includes:

• Energy consumption
• Waste and recycling processes
• Climate change risk


Edgelight Capital is focused on its commitment to social responsibility internally and within the communities with which we interact. Our social responsibilities and commitments include:

• Consistent communication with the team
• Accessibility to Human Resources (HR)
• Health and safety of our Team
• Client satisfaction & relations
• Community development & the building of positive partnerships


The policies developed are in place to increase performance and reduce risk internally and for our clients.

• Extensive reporting to clients
• Cybersecurity
• Data governance

When building out our ESG standards, the commitment was and continues to be focused on Edgelight Capital’s impact on the world around us. As a socially conscious firm, we understand these standards are instrumental to our success, the success of our clients and the betterment of the environment.


Our Approach

We are committed to executing our ESG framework in all aspects of our business processes: investment, integration, monitoring, reporting and disclosure.


Our Monitoring

Our platform, Track Our Impact, provides ongoing measurement and monitoring of our ESG performance for both companies and our investors to ensure we remain accountable and make continued progress towards our collective goals.


Our Team

We strive to attract, retain and reward our talent from all backgrounds who assist in creating value for our business.

Furthering our Commitment

We are fully aligned with the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and recognize the value of supporting initiatives that advance responsible investment globally. It is our intention to be a signatory of PRI.